Scooter Cannonball Run 2008 - Final Results

Final points for the 2008 Scooter Cannonball Run are listed below. Each class was scored separately with a maximum total points equal to the distance covered (3358 miles). Pictures can be found on and reports from the event can be found in the rider blogs listed below as well as on

Route Booklet


Manual 200 Class

#NameScooterDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10Total
21RocketVespa P200E 2094182313233063412763783143033099
20royVespa P200E 2094182313233063412763783143023098
7k-dogLambretta Riverside LI 2922792402182383031623781572212488

Automatic 190 Class

#NameScooterDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10Total
2OopsClunkThudSYM HD200 3204182682873113362653773093223213
3robtaylorGenuine Buddy 125 18124322626824432320321721502120
27Pistol PeteSYM HD200 1812091571661601821381892911821855

Automatic 250 Class

#NameScooterDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10Total
1JessVespa GTS 3003932363232643372363212582872955
5joel hamiltonVespa GTS 3022731953112763362703642663222915
17maroyPiaggio MP3 2483772392922923112323142242912820
19glassayePiaggio Skipper 1813402362942593402362732332882680
26TheO.Z.Vespa GT200 2713092132902603042272632442442625
6bagelVespa GTS 2733602552142653122232652052472619
16marcocetVespa GT200 2083622142442872872393062022522601
22feb31stVespa GTS 2173651962842202962322841782872559
15smooothriderPiaggio MP3 1963261571902272321552571972732210
14BioHazardHonda Big Ruckus 03211862602842272152811322482154
28svhessHonda Reflex 1812221572081961981571981702011888
11Mike SmithHonda Helix 1812231572081911981571981702021885
18jimtHonda Big Ruckus 274369157800
4BoboVespa GTV 224182406