pre-registration planning & guidance 2025 Scooter Cannonball

The 11th installment of the Scooter Cannonball will start in Seaside, Oregon, on June 22, 2025, and end in South Padre Island, Texas, on June 29th. Registration opens June 22, 2024 at 10 AM EDT. Registration can only be done online using this website by clicking the registration button below.

Registration for the Scooter Cannonball is limited to 300 riders. Additionally, Support Trucks and Laundry & Sundry Transport services have limited slots. Secure your spot now to ensure your participation and access to these services. Once all rider slots are filled, registration will close.

First-time entrants should read the Event FAQs to learn more about the event and its history. For more information, please join our Riders Forum, 2025 Scooter Cannonball Facebook Group, or contact us directly by email.

Registration has reached its maximum capacity riders and has closed. If you are interested in participating please inquire about wait list status or connect with riders transferring registrations through the events Rider Forum Registration Transfers thread.

If you have been provided a registration code from a withdrawn rider/other, click here to complete your registation/transfer.

Important Dates

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Saturday, June 22, 2024

  • Open Registration Begins @ 10 AM EDT

Friday, June 20, 2025

  • 10 AM to 4 PM - Rider Check-In & Technical Inspections at the Seaside Convention Center
  • 5 PM - Rider Happy Hour & Meetup (Location TBD)

Saturday, June 21, 2025

  • 10 AM to 4 PM - Rider Check-In & Technical Inspections at the Seaside Convention Center
  • All riders must complete technical inspections by 4 PM to be eligible to participate in the event

Sunday, June 22, 2025

  • 6 AM - Official Event Start in Seaside, Oregon (Location TBD)
  • 6:30 AM - Group Photo; Riders Depart Starting Line Following Photo

Sunday, June 29, 2025

  • Official Event End - South Padre Island, Texas (Location TBD)
  • 7PM - Rider Reception/Party (Location TBD)

Registration Information

Early Registration for Returning Riders

Returning riders from the 2023 Scooter Cannonball have early registration access starting June 8, 2024, at 10 AM EDT. During early registration (two weeks), a discounted fee of $400 applies, increasing to $450 afterward.

Riders must be listed on the 2023 results/standings to be eligible for early registration. Please verify that you have access to your Rider Profile/Account before June 8th. Unclaimed returning rider numbers will be released on April 1, 2025.

Open/General Registration

Open/General Registration begins June 22, 2024, at 10 AM EDT for the public, with a fee of $500. Prospective riders can register here on June 22nd.

Registration is first come, regardless of past participation or finisher status. Registration fees are non-refundable and can be sold and transferred privately. Registration includes access to the 2025 Registered Riders Forum and forthcoming hotel information. Overnight location updates and hotel options will be shared starting August 2024; booking is the entrant's responsibility. You are not required to ride the scooter initially declared; however, selection and technical inspections must be completed by June 21, 2025, at 4 PM at the Seaside Convention Center.

Summary of Rules Changes

The rules will remain fundamentally consistent with prior event years. The finalized 2025 Scooter Cannonball Rules can be found here.

Scoring Format:

The event will continue to use the existing handicap-adjusted scoring system for overall finishing positions. Additionally, scooters will be also categorized into classes and scored based on performance without handicap adjustments.

Scooter Eligibility:

The maximum engine displacement is increased to 300cc, provided the bike meets at least three of the five scooter qualifying criteria. Bikes under 150cc are allowed if they meet at least two of the five qualifying criteria. Refer to the “Scooter Eligibility” section below for more details and criteria.

Route and Control Checkpoints:

The route design, including control and bonus checkpoint strategy remains consistent from prior years. Each day's is designed around five Control Checkpoints—comprising one Start, three intermediate, optional bonus locations, and one Finish Control Checkpoint—to guide but not strictly dictate the path. Riders earn points by navigating from the Start through all intermediate checkpoints, optional bonus locations, to the Finish. The point values are determined by the travel distance between checkpoints, with bonus points assigned a fixed value reflecting their location and challenge level.

Re: Route Release

Details for Day 1 of the route, including roads, control points, and bonus locations, will be available six months before the event starts. Details for Days 2 through 8 will be shared only at check-in on June 20 & 21, 2025, in Seaside, Oregon. Once checked-in, riders will receive printed route details and can download a GPX file containing track lines, control checkpoints and bonus locations.

Planning space, WiFi, and power outlets will be available at the Seaside Convention Center Friday and Saturday for riders and "teams" to plan and prepare for the trip. Event staff will be available to clarify and answer any questions.

Scooter Eligibility

Scooter Qualifying Criteria

Participation is limited to two or three-wheeled vehicles that satisfy the following conditions.

Engine displacement cannot exceed 300cc.

Engine displacements less than 150cc must satisfy at least two of the five following criteria; all others (150-300cc) must satisfy at least three of the five criteria:

  • unit construction of engine, transmission, and rear swing arm
  • wheels no larger than 13 inches
  • originally equipped with a step-through style frame
  • originally equipped with running boards or leg shield
  • a single-cylinder engine design

Engine replacements are restricted to those utilizing cases from production motor scooters that meet the established criteria, including the allowance of modification kits, provided the total engine displacement does not surpass 300cc.

The use of auxiliary fuel systems is approved if they are securely fastened and properly vented to guarantee safe and non-disruptive operation.

Scooters must be fully equipped for legal road use in their registered state, with riders holding the necessary license endorsement to operate their scooter under any condition, including but not limited to time, road type, or carrying passengers.

Riders must have liability insurance coverage of a minimum of $250,000 (USD/CAD), achievable through a combination of auto liability and a Personal Liability/Umbrella Policy.

Scooters must pass a basic technical inspection before the start of the event to ensure riders are operating mechanically safe, street-legal scooters in the best interest of the event, fellow riders, and the public.

Re: Maxi Scooters

The event's scoring handicap favors scooters within the 125-200cc displacement range. As a result, higher displacement scooters are effectively mathematically eliminated and are participating in a non-competitive capacity. While registration may be completed with a "TBD" (to-be-determined/declared) scooter, your final selection must meet the eligibility requirements for scoring. Scooters that otherwise meet the qualifying criteria but exceed the 300cc maximum limit, will not be eligible for scoring. This ensures fairness and maintains the event's competitive spirit, focusing on the intended displacement category.

Route/Course Design

The planned course for the event will stretch up to 3,500 miles over eight days, with each day's ride at most 500 miles. Riders can anticipate riding an average of 380 to 475 miles, or approximately 8-10 hours. Our route planners will seek mountainous and technical riding opportunities throughout the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions before transitioning to the Southwest and Texas Hills.

Re: Unpaved Surfaces

The official planned route will consist of paved road surfaces only. However, understand that the route is not pre-ridden/traveled by the event’s planners, and given their proclivity towards small secondary remote back roads, riders may encounter compact gravel or clay conditions.

Support Trucks & Laundry SAG

Support trucks, also known as SAG (Support and Gear) sweep vehicles, will be available during the event with limited capacity. Due to the limited space relative to the number of event participants, these support options have reached capacity in the past two events. A reserved spot in these vehicles is priced at $350, which covers limited scooter towing, the transportation of two tires/wheels, and spare parts, provided spares can be securely packed within the tire’s cavity and are dry. Additionally, riders can reserve space for the Laundry & Sundry Transport service. This service includes a single 35L waterproof compressible dry bag for $150, with bags transported daily between hotels. The transport vehicle will be accessible to riders daily between 4 PM and 9 PM and 6 AM and 8 AM. This service is for transport only and does not include laundry washing services. Riders may also provide their own dry bag, not to exceed 35L, and should be Sea to Summit brand or a similar style. Space for these services is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Scooter Shipping

The event has again partnered with Motoshippers.Com, a point-to-point shipping service specializing in the transportation of motorcycles. Motoshippers offers special pricing for Scooter Cannonball’s participants. Motoshippers can ship your scooter from your home to the starting line and/or from the finish line back home. Arrangements should be booked directly with Motoshippers after January 1, 2025.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions concerning the upcoming event, please inquire for further clarification.