2023 Scooter Cannonball Registration

Registration for the 2023 Scooter Cannonball opened on Saturday, June 25th. Registration can only be done online using this website by clicking the registration button below. Please carefully read the eligibility requirements and rules prior to registering for the event. Additional information is available below.

Registration Information

  • Registration Fee: $500.00.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable, and registrations are non-transferable. Fees are subject to increase over time and/or as entrant field expands.
  • Registration limited. Slots are available and sold on a first-come basis, regardless of prior participation or finisher status.
  • Registration will close no later than May 31, 2023.
  • You are not bound to riding the specific scooter you identify at the time of registration. This is requested for information purposes only. Final handicap will be calculated at the start of the event.
  • Both entrant rider and scooter must be present at the designated starting line location, on Saturday, June 17, 2023, between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m, to complete their paperwork and tech inspections to be eligible to participate in the event.
  • The handicap-adjusted scoring system will be used to determine finishing position of all entrants. Separately, scooters will be grouped into classes and scored comparatively based on their performance without a handicap factor. Tentatively, the classifications are as follows:
    • Manual 200 Class
    • Automatic 125 Class (< 125cc)
    • Automatic 150 Class (125 to 174cc)
    • Automatic 200 Class (175 to 224cc)
    • Automatic 250 Class (225 to 249cc)
    • Automatic 278 Class (250cc >)
  • To complete the registration, you must acknowledge that you have read and understand the rules. You are bound by these rules prior to the start of the event to the extent they are applicable. Public statements that, in the opinions of the event's organizers, blatantly or deliberately mischaracterize the event as a race, endurance, or speed competition will result in cancellation of your registration without refund.
  • Upon completion of your registration, you gain access to the Registered Rider area of this website. From this area, you will be able to access official route details and downloads as well as hotel accommodation information for booking your reservations. You will also receive an invitation to join the 2023 Registered Riders Forum.
  • You will receive a single printed and bound official scorecard and route booklet, stickers, pins, and patch packet upon check-in at the starting line. Extra sets of these items can be purchased and shipped to you in advance, while supplies last, through the store.
  • Returning 2021 Scooter Cannonball riders will have priority claim to their previously assigned number when registering for the 2023 event, followed by riders who rode in the 2018 Scooter Cannonball and registered for 2021, regardless of finish or participation. Priority will be given to 2021 finishers, if such conflict exists. Unclaimed rider numbers reserved for 2018 and 2021 participates will be released 90 days prior to the start of the 2023 event. Riders may swap numbers with another rider or select an alternative unclaimed number through the Registered Rider area of this website. Rider numbers will be finalized upon check-in at the starting line and may not be changed thereafter.
  • The event uses email as its primary means to notify registered riders of event information after they've registered. Please use a reliable email address for registration purposes. We will not share, sell, or otherwise abuse your email address.

Support Truck Fees & Reservations

  • The event provides support truck vehicles and personnel who travel the official course/route carrying a limited inventory of rider-supplied spare parts. The truck is also able to haul inoperable scooters and transport riders (if space is available) to the upcoming overnight hotel. Purchasing a support truck reservation makes you eligible for towing/hauling services and offers you storage space for spare parts. Spare part inventory is limited to pre-mounted spare tires and parts for repairs that can be made roadside but are generally too large to carry on the scooter.
  • Support Truck Fee: $300.00.
  • Reservations are non-refundable but may be transferred between registered riders prior to the event's start using the Registered Rider area of this website. Reservations are sold in advance on a limited, space-available basis. Reservations can be purchased after you've registered through the Registered Rider area of this website.
  • The support truck carries a satellite phone and regular cellular network device with text messaging capabilities. The numbers for these devices will be made available through the Scooter Cannonball App. The driver will also carry a location-sharing device (SPOT/InReach) and its last known location will be posted on the rider tracking map.
  • Scooter hauling is available if you have experienced a mechanical failure or injury while riding and are unable to continue that day. If you are injured, or for any other reason, at any time during the event unable to continue traveling with the event, your scooter will not be transported unless another rider has accepted responsibility of your property.
  • If your scooter has interchangeable front and rear tires and rims, you are permitted to store a single pre-mounted spare tire in the truck. If your scooter has dissimilar front and rear tires and rims, you are permitted to store pre-mounted front and rear tires in the truck. The truck will be parked overnight at the finish hotel. You will need to coordinate with the driver to access your property - no shared/community (key/lock combination) access.
  • Community spare tires will be transported provided they are in like new condition.
  • If you are storing a tire in the truck you are expected to have the tools and knowledge to complete the repair roadside without assistance from the driver. If your repair cannot be completed in a reasonable amount of time (~20 minutes) the driver will offer to haul your scooter (and yourself as a passenger, space available) or the driver will continue along the route. If you decline this offer the driver is under no obligation to return and provide further support that day.
  • The support truck will depart from the starting hotel (or the vicinity thereof) each day no earlier than 9AM. The driver will travel the predefined route at posted speeds. It is your responsibility to depart the starting hotel each morning at such a time, given your riding pace, create a reasonable time-distance buffer between yourself and the support truck each day. If you choose to deviate from the predefined route, you understand that you are doing so at your own risk. The driver is under no obligation to backtrack or deviate to retrieve you if you leave late, fall behind, or travel off the course.
  • Passenger seating in the truck is limited. There may be situations where space is unavailable to transport you as a passenger. You will be responsible for securing your own transportation to the hotel. Passenger space constraints will be made known upfront when contacting the driver.
  • Scooters will be arranged and transported in a way that optimizes available space in the enclosed truck (L16' x W6'). While every attempt will be made to avoid scratches and dents to your scooter it is likely to happen given the nature of this offering.
  • If space permits your scooter may be transported for multiple days, however, the priority each day is to preserve space for future breakdowns. The absolute furthest your property will be transported is the finish line location in Hilton Head Island, SC. Once the truck arrives at the finish line, all tires and scooters will be unloaded, and the truck emptied.
  • You are responsible for contacting the support driver and accurately sharing your location (latitude, longitude). In areas, without cell phone service this may require you to pass a message to another motorist or scooter rider to make contact on your behalf. If you choose to passively remain roadside praying for rescue your prayers may go unanswered.
  • Tires and scooters being carried will be tagged to identify the owner. You may choose to write on the tag who, or under which conditions, another rider can use your tires or cannibalize a scooter part. The driver will take reasonable efforts to safeguard your property and trust that other riders are acting in good faith with respect to borrowing tires or parts. If you do not want another rider to use your property under any circumstances, please indicate that on your tag or property itself.

Scooter Shipping

  • The event recommends Motoshippers.Com,a point-to-point shipping service specializing in the transportation of motorcycles. Motoshippers offers special pricing for Scooter Cannonball’s participants.
  • Motoshippers can ship your scooter from your home to the starting line and/or from the finish line back home. Arrangements should be booked directly with Motoshippers by calling (505) 917-3349.